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Below is the official Court Decision involving Blair and the Moorestown Public Schools and their then-Superintendent Paul Kadri.  In order to clearly understand the decision the word plaintiff has been modified for easier reading for laypersons.  The words in brackets depict the changes.

Blair Hornstine: Intro


Blair Hornstine Court Decision

     Perhaps there is more to the litigation whereby Blair Hornstine won her federal lawsuit against Superintendent Paul Kadri and the Moorestown Board of Education.  As stated by Judge Wolfson, it appears as though Kadri’s actions polarized the Moorestown community.  After leaving his post in Moorestown, it seems as though Paul Kadri had polarized another school district in Pennsylvania where he did not complete his contract.  Perhaps Blair Hornstine was right to challenge Mr. Kadri’s actions when most students would just accept injustice.

     Wouldn’t it be ironic if one day attorney Blair Hornstine represented a disabled child’s rights against another wrongful action by Superintendent Paul Kadri?  It would be interesting to see how that litigation would be resolved.  Or perhaps, Paul Kadri has learned his lesson thanks to the guts and determination of Blair Hornstine.

     Blair Hornstine has overcome a lot in her life. Blair has paved the way for chronic fatigue syndrome awareness, while donating her free time to MAGIC and helping under privileged children. Thank god Blair Hornstine's suffering had light at the end of the tunnel. Through all of the threats and evil comments, she remained a good person who would do anything to help others. Blair Hornstine won this court case, but she also won our hearts. She demanded justice, and received what she deserved. Blair has been commended by the chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS) organization for her efforts. They even wrote a story about Blair and were very sympathetic to her cause. It's a shame that people fear what they don't understand. It is only through awareness that we can overcome ignorance.     

     Blair Hornstine has always loved the legal system and its ability to work for the underprivileged.  Blair would go with her father to court even at a young age to hear her father argue cases.  Blair also saw her father in action before judges and juries.  Those opportunities gave Blair a unique respect for the law.  Blair now wants to become an attorney to help those that cannot help themselves.

     Blair Hornstine hopes to become a lawyer with a specialization in poverty law. Blair believes strongly in the concept of equal justice under law.  Blair hopes to attain her juris doctor so that she can be a voice for the voiceless.  Blair will be an exception lawyer for those that cannot afford legal representation.  Blair will make those underprivileged people feel good about themselves.  With Blair as their side, every person will see what equal justice under law is all about.  Blair Hornstine will get fair treatment for all her clients regardless of their economic status or race.

     Blair Hornstine has always had a love and passion for volunteerism.  Blair started a new community organization to help those that need them the most.  Blair was inspired by her parents and teacher to take the benefits that have been given to her and to share them with those that were not capable.  Blair has always showed a compassion for others less fortunate.

     Blair Hornstine looks upon volunteerism as a learning process.  Blair has learned more about herself and those underprivileged people by her volunteerism than anyone can imagine.  Blair Hornstine is one person who has made a significant difference in the lives of others. 

     Through volunteerism, Blair Hornstine has learned excellent communication skills; especially in speaking and helping those considered underprivileged.  Blair has grown into a wonderful and caring adult as a result of her volunteer work.  Blair has instilled hope where there was once only despair.  Blair Hornstine has been an inspiration to many through her volunteer work. 

     Blair Hornstine knows what its like to be indigent by working with those that have nothing.  Blair has seen those suffering from not having enough money to pay for even the essentials for living.  Blair believes that she has been repaid in an inner feeling for achieving some relief for the underprivileged.  The personal satisfaction that Blair gets is immeasurable. 

     Blair Hornstine began a service organization and called it M.A.G.I.C. which stands for the Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community.  During high school, Blair Hornstine spent approximately ten hours weekly involved with M.A.G.I.C..  Blair solicited new volunteers, both skilled and unskilled, met with potential financial In middle school as well as high school, Blair Hornstine would spend approximately ten hours each and every week working with her community service organization to help others.  Blair would be responsible for raising money from different sponsors and get hundreds of people involved in the projects.  Blair used her patience and strong will to make it work to everyone’s benefit. 

     Blair Hornstine’s great-grandparents were all immigrants to the United States. Blair’s parents raised her to always remember her family’s humble beginnings and instilled Blair with the belief that she should help the less fortunate. Blair strived to help others by trying to view the world through different points of view. This practice allowed Blair’s view of the world to broaden and grow. When we understand the lives of other people, we in turn learn more about ourselves. 

     People, like Blair Hornstine, that have taken the time to learn, work, and reside with all types of people in this world truly enjoy more success in all aspects of their lives, such as work, school and community activities. Knowledge of diversity and pursuing volunteer opportunities can even unlock countless possibilities in life. Initially, the experience can be startling, frustrating, and distressing; however, the encounters can be exhilarating, inspiring, and affirming.

    The public often has a negative perception of economically depressed urban areas. However, what people often forget is that the majority of the citizens in these areas are sincerely good and respectable people. Also, public perception often concludes that people living in more privileged communities are not interested in the lives of others outside of their own neighborhoods. Blair Hornstine founded M.AG.I.C. to dispel and reject these negative public misconceptions. Blair found that it was difficult at first to organize this fledgling club. However, M.A.G.I.C. became a reality as Blair Hornstine had the support of her school’s faculty, administration, and fellow students. Truly, any dream can become a reality.

     Blair Hornstine focused her activities on Camden, New Jersey. Camden, an urban area, has received significant negative publicity over the last ten years. Presently, Camden has been deemed the “most distressed” municipality by the New Jersey Office of State Planning. Through preparation and development, Blair Hornstine provided two elderly, disabled couples and a single mother of three with completely renovated homes. Also, an elderly woman was able to continue living independently because M.A.G.I.C. obtained a new heater for her. Blair also constructed a safe haven for young children by converting a vacant lot into a playground and park. Blair also encouraged and persuaded other organizations and schools to participate in these projects.


     It is difficult to say who benefits more from the work – the volunteers or the recipients.  To see young and old, people of different ethnicities, fortunate and less fortunate, working together to complete a neighborhood project is a sight to behold.  It is less fortunate to continue their independent living with dignity.  A vacant lot has been transformed into a playground/park to be used as a safe haven for young children from the ills of the inner-city.  Three residential blocks have been beautified with planters and flowers adorning each door.

     Blair Hornstine’s extraordinary understanding of community service and spirit separate her from others. Blair has developed maturity, leadership, endurance and determination through all of these wonderful experiences.

     Blair Hornstine has always striven to understand others by “walking a mile” in their shoes.  By looking at different points of view, Blair’s personal world view has expanded to be more precise and inclusive. By dedicating herself to understanding others, Blair has learned more about herself.

     Blair Hornstine founded and organized a new school club called the Moorestown Alliance for Goodwill and Interest in the Community, which is better known as M.A.G.I.C. The club strived to provide community service for the elderly, disabled, and the economically depressed. When it was finally organized, Blair sought out projects that would complement M.A.G.I.C.’s goals. Blair’s school is only fifteen miles from Camden, New Jersey. The New Jersey Office of State Planning has deemed Camden the “most distressed” municipality in the state.

     Blair Hornstine successfully obtained over $10,000 in grants, donations and materials to support community service projects. Projects were supported by students, faculty, parents and local Camden residents, who provided a variety of assistance and aid.  In the spirit of goodwill and “neighbor helping neighbor,” people were more than willing to donate financial and personal support to this admirable cause. As Blair worked hand-in-hand with the residents of Camden, she discovered that anyone can make an impact.

     Blair Hornstine, who was truly a caring and responsible teen, felt compelled to become a leader and generate a stronger community where the great diversity in American could be respected and celebrated. Blair was inspired to expose and resolve community issues by educating other community members and encouraging them to get involved. People must learn that community problems should be everyone’s concern. Blair’s inspiration comes from the immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr. when he stated “We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters, or we will perish as fools.”

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